Thomas G. Harris Elementary

Science Fair 2021


??‍? Science Fair 2021!??‍?

On March 4, 2021 will be our 2021 Harris School Science Fair!

If students would like to complete an individual science fair project to enter the Science Fair competition, this is your time!

This individual student project should be completed at home, and completed projects should be sent to school.
This year the science fair projects will be virtual.

Below is a link for the

-Science Fair Project Template:
-Science Sign Up Form:

Please read the information above about how to participate (letter's link below)

For Ideas or books about science experiments Check Out MackinVIA:

If you want to participate in the Austin Regional Science Fair (along with the school fair), projects would be due at January 26, 2021

For More information about the Austin Regional Science Fair read more below: