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GATE Services

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GT Services will continue through this upcoming school year!


Our Gifted & Talented scholars work on different projects throughout the year.  Last semester GT scholars created a peace path between the gym and the 400 wing.  This provided our scholars in the portables with a peaceful, clean and beautiful path to the building that kept them from getting muddy. 


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GT Advocate - Harris Elementary

Amna Syed



Contact Mrs. Syed for GT updates or questions!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our school is pleased to announce that referrals for gifted and talented students are being accepted from September 19 to October 7. Interested parents and guardians should contact the Campus GT Advocate, Amna Syed, (512) 841- 5474 OR, for additional information regarding the GT referral process. GT screening and testing requires parent/guardian permission by the campus deadline. A variety of measures are used for screening and testing including assessments for Emerging English students. For more information about the Austin ISD gifted program, please visit the Austin ISD website at or call the school.

If you are interested in referring your child, please complete the referral form attached and return it to your student’s classroom teacher or the online form: 

If your child is already in the GT Program, cIassroom teachers are already working with your students with our AISD GT curriculum activities and we are working on a pull out enrichment program coming this September. 

Thank you


Queridos padres y guardianes,


Nuestra escuela se complace en anunciar que estamos aceptando nominaciones de estudiantes de primaria para el Programa de Dotados y Talentosos (GT) y se aceptaran el 19 de septiembre hasta el 7 de octubre. Los padres de familia y custodios que estén interesados deben comunicarse con el representante del programa de la escuela, Amna Syed, (512) 841- 5474 O, si necesita ayuda para llenar formas. Se utilizan variedad de medidas para evaluar a los estudiantes, incluidos los estudiantes bilingües.  Para mas información sobre el programa de Dotados y Talentosos de AISD, visite la pagina electrónica del districto en sitio o llame a la escuela.


Si está interesado en recomendar a su hijo, complete el formulario de referencia adjunto y traiga al maestro de su hijo o en linea: 


Si su hijo ya está en el Programa GT, los maestros del salón de clases ya están trabajando con sus estudiantes con nuestras actividades del plan de estudios GT del AISD y estamos trabajando en un programa de enriquecimiento extraíble que se realizará este septiembre.