Join our Pre K 3 & 4 Program!

Our amazing PreK teachers are hard at work building relationships with students. We have a free Pre-K 3 1/2 & full day program that partners with Child Inc. Our free Pre-K 4 program has both English & 2 way DL programs to support all students. Be sure to Join your students on classdojo for updates! Ask your child's teacher about it!

Nuestros increíbles maestros de PreK están trabajando arduamente para construir relaciones positivos con los estudiantes. únete a classdojo! Pregúntele al maestro de su hijo sobre classdojo.

Click the link to learn more about Pre K in AISD: 



Meet Our Pre-K Teachers

Pre K 3: 


Lorie Barney

Pre K 3 Teacher

University of Texas at Austin

Bilingual Education

Pre K 4:


Priscilla Quinonez

Dual Language Teacher

University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) 

Psychology & Minor in Biology

Austin ISD - Harris Teacher Of Promise 2020-21

Sierra Romero

Dual Language Teacher

Austin ISD- Harris Teacher Of The Year 2017-18